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What's new in 6.36.4 (2016-Oct-05 11:24):
!) ssl - fixed peer address/dns verification from certificate (affects sstp, fetch, capsman);
) console - hotspot setup show wrong certificate name;
) ethernet - added support for LAN9514 ethernet dongle;
) ethernet - allow to force mtu value when actual-mtu is already the same;
) firewall - fixed dynamic dummy firewall rules appearance in raw tables;
) firewall - fixed time based rules on time/timezone changes (again);
) hotspot - fixed nat rule dst-port by making it visible again;
) ipsec - changed logging topic from error to debug for ph2 transform mismatch messages;
) ipsec - fixed dynamic policy not deleted on disconnect for nat-t peers;
) ipv6 - improved system responsiveness when ipv6 routes are frequently modified;
) led - fixed default led settings for wAP2nDr2;
) lte - added dlink dwm-157 D, dwm-222, Pantech UML295, Vodafone K4201-Z, ZTE MF823/MF831 support;
) lte - added rndis for ZTE MF8xx;
) lte - added ZTE K5008-Z back;
) lte - fixed setting correct lte band for sxt lte;
) mpls - fixed memory leak;
) pppoe - fixed disconnects by idle timeout when fastpath is used;
) rb3011 - fixed rare occasions when router would hang while loading kernel;
) sstp - allow to specify proxy by dns name;
) tile - do not reboot device after watchdog disable/enable;
) traffic-flow - fixed dst-port reporting if connection is not maintained by connection tracking;
) userman - always re-fetch table data when switching between different menus;
) userman - fixed memory leak on user limitation calculations;
) userman - fixed timezone adjustment in reports;
) webfig - fixed certificate signing;
) webfig - fixed channel selection in check-for-update menu in Firefox;
) winbox - added auto refresh for BFD neighbors;
) winbox - adjust on-event field dynamically depending on window size;
) winbox - adjusted allowed values for http-proxy field;
) winbox - allow to unset http-proxy field for sstp client;
) winbox - fixed typo in dhcpv6 relay (DCHP to DHCP);
) winbox - removed health menu from devices that do not support it;
) winbox - removed unset button for L2MTU field;
) wireless - show DFS flag in country-info command output;

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What's new in 6.37.3 (2016-Nov-28 11:11):
) bgp - do not match all prefixes tagged with community 0:0 by routing filters;
) bridge - fixed filter Ingress Priority option (broken in 6.36rc8);
) chr - fixed crash on "/interface print" (introduced in 6.36.4);
) chr - fixed crash on "/system reboot" and "/system shutdown";
) crs226 - fixed sfp-sfpplus1 link re-negotiation (broken in 6.37rc28/v6.37.1);
) disk - fixed issue when disk was renamed after reboot on devices with flash disks;
) dns - do not resolve incorrect addresses after changes made in static dns entries;
) dns - improved static dns entry add speed when regexp is being used;
) dude - (changes discussed here:;
) firewall - fixed filter rule "limit" parameter by making it visible again;
) firewall - fixed interface slave state recognition (broken in 6.37.2);
) firewall - fixed timeout option on address lists with domain name;
) log - ignore email topic if action is email;
) mipsbe - improved memory allocation on devices with nand when file transfer and tcp traffic processing is on progress;
) route - fixed memory leak when route cache is disabled;
) tile - fixed rare kernel failure when IPv6 neighbor discovery packet is received;
) traceroute - fixed crash when too many sessions are active;
) tunnel - allow to force mtu value when actual-mtu is already the same;
) winbox - recognize properly tcp in traffic-generator packet-template header type;
) winbox - show HT MCS tab if 2GHz-G/N band is used;

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What's new in 6.38rc52 (2016-Dec-21 10:44):
) bonding - fixed "tx-drop" on VLAN over bonding on x86;
) bonding - fixed kernel failure when bonding slave interface receives BPDU (introduced in 6.38rc51);
) dude - (changes discussed here:;
) ethernet - fixed "tx-fcs-error" on SFP+ interfaces when loop-protect is enabled ;
) ipsec - fixed kernel failure on tile with sha256 when hardware encryption is not being used;
) ipsec - fixed ph2 auto-negotiation by checking policies in correct order;
) ipsec - various additional work on IKEv1/IKEv2 support;
) ipv6 - fixed "accept-router-advertisements" behaviour;
Other changes since 6.37.3:
!) ipsec - added IKEv1 xauth user authentication with RADIUS "/ip ipsec user settings set xauth-use-radius=yes";
!) ipsec - added IKEv2 EAP RADIUS passthrough authentication for responder;
!) ipsec - added IKEv2 experimental support with pre-shared-key and rsa-signature authentication methods;
!) ipsec - added support unique policy generation (cli only);
!) snmp - added basic get and walk functionality "/tool snmp-[get|walk]";
!) switch - added hardware STP functionality for CRS devices and small Atheros switch chips (;
!) tr069-client - initial implementation (as separate package) (cli only);
!) winbox - now Winbox 3.7 is the minimum version that can connect to RouterOS;
) arp - added local-proxy-arp feature;
) bonding - added "forced-mac-address" option;
) bridge - fixed rare crash on bridge port removal;
) bridge - fixed VLAN BPDU rx and tx when connected to non-RouterOS device with STP functionality;
) bridge - require admin-mac to be specified if auto-mac is disabled;
) bridge - show bridge port name in port monitor;
) capsman - added "group-key-update" parameter;
) capsman - added possibility to change arp, mtu, l2mtu values in datapath configuration;
) capsman - fixed CAP upgrade when separate wireless package is used (introduced in 6.37);
) capsman - use correct source address in reply to unicast discovery requests;
) ccr - added AHCI driver for Samsung XP941 128GB AHCI M.2;
) certificates - added support for PKCS#12 export;
) certificates - allow import multiple certs with the same key;
) certificates - fixed crash when crl is removed while it is being fetched;
) certificates - fixed pkcs12 export crash;
) certificates - fixed trust chain update on local certificate revocation in programs using ssl;
) certificates - if no name provided create certificate name automatically from certificate fields;
) console - fixed multi argument value unset;
) crs - added comment ability in more switch menus;
) crs - fixed rare kernel failure on switch reset (for example, reboot);
) dhcp - fixed DNS server assignment to client if dynamic server exists and is from another IP family;
) dhcp - fixed issue when dhcp-client was still possible on interfaces with "slave" flag and using slave interface MAC address;
) dhcp - show dhcp server as invalid and log an error when interface becomes a slave;
) dhcp-server - fixed when wizard was unable to create pool >dhcp_pool99;
) discovery - added LLDP support;
) discovery - fixed crash on sending LLDP packet over IPv6 (introduced in 6.38rc3);
) discovery - removed 6to4 tunnels from "/ip neighbor discovery menu";
) dns - added "max-concurrent-queries" and "max-concurrent-tcp-sessions" settings;
) ethernet - added "k" and "M" unit support to Ethernet Bandwidth setting;
) export - do not show interface comment in "/ip neighbor discovery" menu;
) export - updated default values to clean up export compact;
) fastpath - fixed rare crash;
) fastpath - fixed x86 bridge fast-path status shown as active even if it is manually disabled;
) file - fixed file manager crash when file transfer gets cancelled;
) firewall - added creation-time to address list entries;
) firewall - added sctp/dccp/udp-lite support for "src-port", "dst-port", "port" and "to-ports" firewall options;
) firewall - fixed "time" option by recognizing weekday properly (introduced in v6.37.2);
) firewall - fixed dynamic raw rule behaviour;
) firewall - fixed rule activation if "time" option is used and no other active rules are present;
) firewall - increased max size of connection tracking table to 1048576;
) firewall - new faster "connection-limit" option implementation;
) firewall - significantly improved large firewall rule set import performance;
) graphing - fixed queue graphs showing up in web interface if aggregate name size >57840 symbols;
) health - show power consumption on devices which has voltage and current monitor;
) hotspot - fixed nat rule port setting in hs-unauth-to chain by changing it from dst-port to src-port on Walled Garden ip return rules;
) interface - changed loopback interface mtu to 1500;
) interface - do not treat multiple zeros as single zero on name comparison;
) interface - show link stats in "/interface print stats-detail" output;
) ipsec - added ability to specify static IP address at send-dns option;
) ipsec - added ph2 accounting for each policy "/ip ipsec policy ph2-count";
) ipsec - allow to specify explicit split dns address;
) ipsec - always listen to IPv4/IPv6 UDP port 4500 (fixes some IKEv2 setups without NAT-T);
) ipsec - changed logging topic from error to debug when empty pfkey messages are received;
) ipsec - do not auto-negotiate more SAs than needed;
) ipsec - don't generate unnecessary ah+esp policies;
) ipsec - ensure generated policy refers to valid proposal;
) ipsec - fixed camellia crypto algorithm module loading;
) ipsec - fixed generated policy lookup with ah+esp proposal;
) ipsec - fixed IPv6 remote prefix;
) ipsec - fixed larval SA state update;
) ipsec - fixed peer configuration my-id IPv4 address endianness;
) ipsec - load ipv6 related modules only when ipv6 package is enabled;
) ipsec - make generated policies always as unique;
) ipsec - non passive peers will also establish SAs from policy without waiting for the first packet;
) ipsec - optimized logging under ipsec topic;
) ipsec - send xauth password without trailing null;
) ipsec - show active flag when policy has active SA;
) ipsec - show SA "enc-key-size";
) ipsec - split "mode-config" "send-dns" argument;
) ipv6 - moved empty IPv6 pool error message to error topic;
) lcd - improved performance, causes less cpu load;
) led - fixed dark mode for cAP 2nD (;
) log - fixed "System rebooted because of kernel failure" message to show after 1st crash reboot;
) lte - added support for more Vodafone K4201-Z, PANTECH UML295 and ZTE MF90 modems;
) lte - added support for novatel USB620L;
) lte - allow to execute concurrent info commands;
) lte - fixed dwm-222, Pantech UML296 support;
) lte - fixed init delay after power reset;
) lte - increased delay when setting sms send mode;
) lte - return info data when all the fields are populated;
) metarouter - fixed startup process (introduced in 6.37.2);
) mmips - fixed traffic accounting in "/interface" menu;
) ospf - fixed route crash caused by memory corruption when there are multiple active interfaces;
) ppp - fixed packet size calculation when MRRU is set (was 2 bytes bigger than MTU allows);
) ppp - significantly improved shutdown speed on servers with many active tunnels;
) ppp - significantly improved tunnel termination process on servers with many active tunnels;
) profile - added "bfd" and "remote-access" processes;
) profile - added ability to monitor cpu usage per core;
) profile - make profile work on mmips devices;
) profile - properly classify "wireless" processes;
) queue - fixed "time" option by recognizing weekday properly (introduced in v6.37.2);
) radius - added IPSec service to console;
) rb750Gr3 - fixed ipsec with 3des+md5 to work on this board;
) rb850Gx2 - fixed pcb temperature monitor if temperature was above 60C;
) resolver - ignore cache entries if specific server is used;
) routerboot - show log message if router CPU/RAM is overclocked;
) script - increment run count value when script is executed from snmp;
) snmp - always report bonding speed as speed from first bonding slave;
) snmp - fixed rare crash when incorrectly formatted packet was received;
) snmp - provide sinr in lte table;
) ssh - added routing-table setting (cli only);
) ssh - fixed lost "/ip ssh" settings on upgrade from version older than 5.15;
) system - reboot device on critical program crash;
) time - updated time zones;
) traceroute - fixed memory leak;
) traffic-flow - fixed flow sequence counter and length;
) trafficgen - fixed compact export when "header-stack" includes tcp;
) trafficgen - fixed crash when IPv6 traffic is processed;
) trafficgen - fixed potential crash when very big frame is generated;
) trafficgen - improved fastpath support;
) tunnel - fixed transmit packets occasionally not going through fastpath;
) tunnel - properly export keepalive value;
) usb - fixed kernel failure when Nexus 6P device is removed;
) users - added minimal required permission set for full user group;
) users - added TikApp policy;
) vlan - allow to add multiple vlans which name starts with same number and has same length;
) vrrp - do not show unrelated log warning messages about version mismatch;
) webfig - added extra protection against XSS exploits;
) webfig - show ipv6 addresses correctly;
) webfig - show properly interface last-link-up/down times;
) winbox - added "Complete" flag to arp table;
) winbox - added "untracked" option to firewall "connection-state" setting;
) winbox - added Dude icon to Dude menu;
) winbox - allow to enable/disable traffic flow targets;
) winbox - allow to run profile from "/system resources" menu;
) winbox - allow to specify interface for leds with "interface-speed" trigger;
) winbox - do not allow to set "loop-protect-send-interval" to 0s;
) winbox - do not show hotspot user profile incoming and outgoing filters and marks as set if there is no value specified;
) winbox - do not show ph2-state on policy templates;
) winbox - fixed crash when legacy Winbox version was used;
) winbox - fixed default values for interface "loop-protect-disable-time" & "loop-protect-send-interval";
) winbox - fixed missing "ipv6/settings" menu;
) winbox - fixed typo in "propagate-ttl" setting;
) winbox - make cert signing include provided ca-crl-host;
) winbox - moved ipsec peer "exchange-mode" to General tab;
) winbox - properly show VHT basic and supported rates in CAPsMAN;
) winbox - removed spare values from loop-protect menu;
) winbox - show all related HT tab settings in 2GHz-g/n mode;
) winbox - show primary and secondary ntp addresses as if none are set;
) winbox - show proper ipv6 connection timeout;
) wireless - added api command to report country-list (/interface/wireless/info/country-list);
) wireless - added CRL checking for eap-tls;
) wireless - fixed action frame handling for WDS nodes;
) wireless - fixed custom channel extension-channel appearance in console;
) wireless - fixed full "spectral-history" header print on AP modes;
) wireless - fixed rare kernel failure when connecting to nv2 access point with legacy rate select;
) wireless - fixed upgrade from older wireless packages when AP interface had empty SSID;
) wireless - take in account channel width when returning supported channels;
) wireless - use vlan ID 0 in RADIUS message to disable vlan tagging;

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